About Us

The Stamford Group provides bespoke sourcing solutions since 2001. Headquartered in Zürich and Basel, Switzerland, we specialize within the Life Sciences and Information Technology sectors. Our international team, from more than 10 nations, supports customers to build internal high performance teams, whether this requires a full project team, on-site contractors, permanent hires or executive search.

The Stamford Team

Executive Management

Jenny Johnston Managing Director

Born in Florida, my personal passions are developing people and building relationships!

Nicole Fuchs Director Operations

Swiss borned and raised and with hospitality experience, my heart is in customer service

Christian Ziegler Director Finance

Punctual as a Swiss watch, I’m responsible for all financial aspects of the Stamford Group.

Bernadette Gabathuler Project Manager

I’m Swiss and grew up in the beautiful Alps. At Stamford I look after our process management and quality.

Information Technology

Daniel Shalom Managing Consultant

I’m a Londoner and I have lived in Venezuela, Brazil and Spain. I specialize in IT Infrastructure. I’m an Arsenal FC fan.

Stephen Moore Senior Consultant

Born and raised in bonnie Scotland, my focus is on assisting software engineers to advance their careers across Switzerland

Natasha Serafim Senior Consultant

I’m part Greek, part Indian, all Londoner. I work on the Business Analysis vertical at Stamford. I love to sing and dance!

Olga Reisenhauer Recruitment Consultant

I was born in Russia and grew up in Germany. I go to the gym daily and I’m learning to play the piano!

Alejandro Chausse Consultant

Born and raised in Barcelona, I’m part of the Software Development Team. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis and skiing.

Daniel Murray Recruiter

Born in the UK, I have worked in Luxemburg and now I specialise in the IT Project Management field at Stamford. I enjoy hiking, playing squash and watch Wolverhampton Wanderers

Saleh Hasban Recruiter

I was born in Stuttgart and studied at the University of Konstanz. I enjoy working with my clients and candidates and exploring new Swiss mountains routes on my motorbike

Leroy Wong Recruiter

I’m originally from Switzerland but grew up in Malaysia, where I started my career in real estate.         I  love doing pretty much anything adventurous, trying new things and getting to know people!

Lorena Abderhalden Recruiter

Born and raised in Zurich, I have worked in tourism, hospitality and fashion before becoming a recruiter. I love traveling and meeting up with friends

Connor Bradley Recruiter

Born in Brighton, my background is in the financial services sector. In my spare time I  explore the beautiful Swiss Alps and follow my football team Brighton & Hove Albion!

Gjystina Uka Recruiter

Originally I am Albanian and I grew up in Munich. If I can make candidates happy, I am happy too! In my free time I like shopping and traveling and trying new food!

Ricarda Pietschmann Recruiter

Having grown up in Germany and the UK, I studied in Switzerland where I gained experience in luxury hospitality. I enjoy fitness and I’m a passionate runner. I also practise winter sports

Marija Hayoz Recruiter

I am originally from Belgrade and I recently joined The Stamford Group. I am thrilled to speak with candidates! In my spare time I love to take care of my pets!

Life Science

Jay Webster Team Lead

Jay brings the feel of streets of London to the sleepy environs of Basel. Specialising in regulatory affairs,  he is a keen sportsman and chairman of one of England’s oldest cricketing teams

Anneleen Otte Consultant

I have an international background and I speak English, French, Dutch, some Italian and German. I am happy to bring my skills and years of experience in sales, operations and management to the team

Alin Vindireu Consultant

I bring international experience in marketing, financial services and sales, with a focus on Pharmaceutical Market Access. In my spare time, I co-ordinate a local basketball team and enjoy exploring Switzerland

Matt Benzies Recruiter

Born and raised in the South of England, I am excited to support candidates in finding their dream job, especially in Pharma and Regulatory Affairs. I enjoy watching and playing football and meet up with friends

Karim Al-Odeh Recruiter

Born and raised in Jordan to a Swiss mother and Jordanian father, I have a flair for people and cultures. For this reason I got into the Life Science industry where I help candidates find exciting jobs

Roxana Urs Recruiter

Originally from Romania, I have nine years’ experience in International Trade Compliance, Legal Affairs and Project Management. I enjoy working in Pharma IT and playing paddle tennis

Tim Masson Recruiter

Born in the south of England, I have lived in Paris, Düsseldorf and Geneva. I have a background in finance and I like working in the exciting field of Data Science within life sciences. I love winter sports

Valentin Novev Recruiter

Bulgarian originally, my interests are in the fields of healthcare, management & marketing and sustainable development. I speak French, English, Russian and Spanish and I’m keen on sports, especially volleyball.

Marie-Noelle Chelala Recruiter

Born in France with strong Lebanese influence, no wonder I’m enthusiastic about good food! Besides that, my goal is getting to know people and help them move their career forward.

Jadie Vallons Recruiter

Born and raised in Belgium, with a background in psychology I have always been interested in people. I joined The Stamford Group to further explore my passion in recruitment.

Back Office

Simone Wissle Customer Support

Born in France, I take care of all our employees and contractors. My time off is filled up with my family, friends, good food and a glass of wine!

Delia Fidale Customer Support

Born and raised in Switzerland with an Italian background. I love to do trekking with my dog, explore new places, and create unforgettable memories.

Hanen Haddad Customer Support

I am part German, part Tunisian. I love the Mediterranean Sea, travelling to explore new mentalities and ideas and doing various sports.

Christoph Karl Customer Support

In my time off, I enjoy spending time with friends, taking care of my aquarium and exploring new roads on my motorcycle and travelling when possible.

Matthew Moore Engineer

I’m British-Italian and as the “IT guy”, I’m responsible for anything that runs on electricity, including this website and the coffee machines. I love swimming and snowboarding