About Us

The Stamford Group consists of two companies: Stamford Consultants and Talentis Solutions, providing bespoke sourcing solutions since 2001. Headquartered in Zürich and Basel, Switzerland, we specialize within the Life Sciences and Information Technology sectors. Our international team, from more than 10 nations, supports customers to build internal high performance teams, whether this requires a full project team, on-site contractors, permanent hires or executive search.

The Stamford Team

Executive Management

Jenny Johnston

Founder / Managing Director

My personal passions are developing people and building relationships! Thankfully my career in recruitment has enabled me to focus on both. I was born in Florida, many years ago, and started my career in sales management at a young age in the fashion sector. I’ll never forget my experience in 2000 calling my first IT prospective client....not only did I only have one short speech in German, I barely knew the difference between an operating system and an application! I was lucky that the Swiss were so accommodating and supportive and fifteen years on, I can say what a lucky person I am to be able to still do what I love with such great people to work with!

Nicole Gruenenfelder Fuchs


Born and grown up in Switzerland, I spent a few years in the United States and other countries and therefore combine my Swissness with an international touch. My heart is in customer service and, having grown up in the hospitality industry, service is in my blood while my education is in accounting, HR and Tax matters.
I've been with Stamford since 2002 and I remember when we started in a small office in Basel, just us 3 girls, and now I think ``What happened?``. The experience of leading a company to its success and giving people great jobs is a treasure and I am very proud of all of us for having achieved this.
Now I am responsible for continually expanding Group customer activities, managing the Stamford Group's operations and taking the lead on all legal and HR compliance issues. I am also a member of the board at Swiss PRM. There we support our members in all matters regarding the Body-Leasing industry.

Christian Ziegler


Born and grown up in Switzerland, I’m one of the ones to bring Swissness into our international working environment. Punctual as a Swiss watch I like to start meetings on the time agreed what can be quite challenging in our multitask and fast moving business. With a university degree in accounting, controlling and finance and more than 10 years of related work experience I’m responsible for all financial aspects of the Stamford group companies as well as managing the human resources and accounting team. When not being in the office I like to spend time in nature with biking, jogging or hiking.

Mark Dowsett

Director of Sales Excellence

I was born & bred in the south of England, but developed an early affinity for Germanic culture. This lead to me studying German at university and then moving to Frankfurt for my first role in the recruitment business almost 20 years ago. A few years later, I discovered my spiritual home amongst the mountains and punctual trains of Switzerland, where I’ve remained more or less ever since. At Stamford, I’m responsible for leading the Group Services Division, incorporating Managed Services and HR/Payroll Services offered by Talentis Solutions and the Group, as well as encouraging the team to eat more broccoli!

Information Technology & Engineering

Björn Milz

Director IT & Engineering

Born in Germany, raised in England and partly in Denmark, I finally settled in Switzerland in 2003. My recruitment experience started off in Munich as an IT recruiter back in 1996 and has seen me move via Berlin and Frankfurt before landing in Zürich. Since then, I have built and managed teams within Telecoms and Engineering.

Outside of office hours I like to spend my free time actively. I love to play football even though I am the worst player in my team. Besides playing football, you might see me sailing, mountain-and motor-biking as well as skiing during the wintertime.

Daniel Shalom

Managing Consultant

My name is Daniel and I come from London, England, but have been living in Switzerland since 2005. Before settling in Switzerland, I lived for a while in a few different places, including Venezuela, Brazil and Spain. I started life in Switzerland as an English teacher, but made the switch into recruitment with Stamford in 2011, and have never looked back.

I specialize in IT Infrastructure, with a particular focus on database administrators and developers, systems engineers, virtualization and storage. Outside of work I spend most of my time with family and friends, and following the ups and downs of my beloved Arsenal FC.

I look forward to meeting you soon

Stephen Moore

Team Lead Development

Born and raised in bonnie Scotland, I have been recruiting since 2010 and have been working with Stamford Consultants since 2013. I trained as a pharmaceutical recruitment consultant but moved into IT recruitment as an account manager for Oracle, where I assisted their recruitment across various global business units. Following this I began recruiting into the Swiss market specializing in the Java ecosystem.

I am now responsible for the development recruitment market where we have a team of experience consultants recruiting in the areas of web, mobile, and cross-language programming. Our team is focused on assisting software engineers to advance their careers across Switzerland. We have achieved this through developing close relationships with our candidates and building lasting relationships with our clients by assisting them in finding the best people on the market.

Natasha Serafim

Team Lead Business & Change

I’m part Greek, part Indian, all Londoner. I’ve been in recruitment since 2010, finishing off a Graduate Diploma in Law after graduating with a Bachelor degree in Business Management from the University of Sheffield.
I’ve been working the Swiss market since 2011 and this year decided to make the next step to Zurich, joining Stamford and taking over the Business Analysis vertical.

Some know me as the cat whisperer due to my penchant for collecting Ragdoll cats and when I’m not baking banana loaf for the office, I’m having a good sing and dance.

Helena Elfström

Recruitment Consultant

I was born in Sweden and grew up on a farm but later realized I wanted to live in the city so I moved to Stockholm. With both the country girl and city girl in me I consider my self as down to earth, ambitious and with a good sense of humor. When I was studying Human Resources Management at University I started to work with recruitment and had at that time no idea what I got myself into. But once I started working I just loved my job. I now see my job as a lifestyle and I still after 5 years can’t see myself doing anything else but this. When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, preferable over dinner and a good wine. To make up for the food and the wine I try to do as much sports as possible such as running, football, horseback riding and skiing.

Chris Gummery

Recruitment Consultant

I was born and raised in the North Of England and also did my studying ‘Up North’. After I graduated I spent 6 years in London and started doing IT Recruitment in the capital. Whilst working for an international company in London I was given the opportunity to work in Zürich, Switzerland and jumped at the chance. Zürich has been my home ever since. I have spent most of my career placing IT contract staff in large organisations. At Stamford Consultants I am a Recruitment Consultant specializing in the placements of Database and Business Intelligence professionals.
In my spare time I enjoy DJing in bars, clubs and recording DJ mixes. I play guitar, bass and try to avoid doing vocals. I also enjoy entertaining my children, skiing, keeping fit and driving my motorbike.

Sabrina Hüntemann

Recruitment Consultant

Hi I am Sabrina, born and raised in northern Germany. I moved to Central Switzerland in 2006 and now find myself living next to the beautiful Lake Lucerne.

I have always worked in Sales and has always been a pleasure to see my coworkers grow and be happy with their jobs in different industries. This year I decided to step into Recruitment and here at Stamford I am focused on Permanent positions in the Business Analysis, Project Management and Risk Management space. I have discovered it makes me happy to connect a person to his or her dream job.

If you are searching for a new opportunity- feel free to contact me !

Alejandro Chausse

Recruitment Consultant

Son of a Swiss father and a Spanish mother, I was born and raised in the lovely Mediterranean city of Barcelona. Growing up in a family where I have shared constantly both cultures and also attended the Swiss School (in Barcelona and Mexico City) since I was 5 years old, my heart has been always divided between Spain and Switzerland until the point that I decided to move to Zurich two years ago to finish my studies in Civil Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Before joining Stamford my previous experience has been always within the Industry sector. I had great opportunities during my studies to work for well known engineering companies within the Civil Engineering and Industrial sector where I have gained the knowledge that I apply working as a Engineering Recruitment Consultant.

In my free time I love to play paddle, spending time with friends and family and practice one of my favorite pleasures, cooking and trying new restaurants.

Olga Reisenhauer

Recruitment Consultant

My name is Olga and I was born in Russia and grew up in Germany.

After working for pharmaceutical and engineering industry I moved to Switzerland in 2004 because this nice country combines everything: great people, wonderful landscapes and the possibility to start my career in the IT sector.

I have started at Stamford Consultants as an Associate Recruitment Consultant at the beautiful Bellevue office in Zürich.
I am looking forward to supporting interesting clients and candidates and help them finding the perfect match.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. But my passion is going to the gym daily (weights & cardio). I am also trying to play the piano, golf and travel as much as possible. I like good food and wine as well as testing new restaurants and bars.

If you are interested in a new professional opportunity in Switzerland, I am happy to support you!

Erlisa Lajqi

Associate Recruitment Consultant

I am Erlisa and I was born in Kosovo but moved to Zurich when I was 3 years old so I practically grew up in Switzerland. I started my career in the Administration and Service sectors during my apprenticeship. After that I finished the Swiss Baccalaureate for commercial services and to gain more work experience, I worked part-time in a call center during my studies. Thanks to that experience I realized that I like to have direct customer contact and love to fulfill the customers’ needs. Thus, in April 2015 I started my career in recruitment as I found the possibility to help candidates in finding their dream job very fulfilling.

When I’m out of the office I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going to concerts and actively spending time in the nature.

Laia Grao

Associate Recruitment Consultant

Hi I am Laia and I was born and raised in the lovely Barcelona. After finishing my studies in Business Administration and Marketing Management, I moved to Switzerland back in 2012. Now after several years I can say that I consider Zürich to be my home!

Because of my background in the hospitality industry, I understand the value of excellent customer service, and I always maintain this as one of my top priorities. I am passionate about interacting with people, understanding their needs, and helping to enrich their professional development.

In my free time, I love long walks with my dog, spending time with friends, and enjoying a good glass of red wine. I also enjoy doing sports, especially fitness and yoga, and trying new restaurants.

My professional focus is in the Business & Change division as an Associate Recruitment Consultant, and I am grateful to be part of such a talented team here at Stamford Consultants.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Leroy Wong

Recruitment Advisor

I'm originally from Switzerland but grew up in Malaysia. Keen to increase my international exposure, I tied the knot and returned to motherland.

I was amazed learning about recruitment and how close it's related to the career I have built in Real Estate back in Kuala Lumpur. Without a doubt I knew that this is something I want to do and want to be great at so I'm able to help as many people as possible discover careers that make them and their families happy.

I love doing pretty much anything adventurous, trying new things and getting to know people.

Feel free to contact me anytime. I'm looking forward to it

Life Science

Jay Webster

Business Manager - Life Sciences

Generally larger than life, Jay brings the feel of streets of London to the sleepy environs of Basel. Specialising in regulatory affairs, Jay is the number one go to guy for his clients and candidates, happy to share his knowledge of the market and provide advice on what would best meet their needs.

In his spare time Jay is a keen sportsman and chairman of one of England’s oldest cricketing teams. He is also heavily involved in setting up sports events for children and other groups.

Demba Sidibe

Associate Director - Life Sciences

Educated in marketing and international trade, with further training in human resources and over 5 years recruitment experience in Life Science, Demba is responsible for the Life Science team and leads them with passion and determination. He builds a sense of pride within his team and believes their success lies in the excellent client and candidate networks they invest in heavily. His international background has taught him the importance of listening and understanding people’s needs.

Alin Vindireu

Recruitment Consultant

By and large upbeat and energetic, I bring international experience in marketing, financial services and sales to Stamford's diverse team. Having received the award for ``Always ready to help`` in one of my previous roles, I plan on maintaining that status and contributing to the squad's success and first-class service level. With a focus on Pharmaceutical Market Access, Health Economics and Outcome Research, I am honored to offer passionate Life Sciences professionals the opportunity to experience a highly rewarding career.

In my spare time, I co-ordinate a local basketball team and enjoy exploring Switzerland hiking trails as well as Mediterranean cuisine.

Florence Wespiser

Recruitment Consultant

Hi, my name is Florence and I’m French, more specifically from the Alsace.
I studied International Management and International Business Affairs. After spending a half year in the north of Germany (Heilbronn) during the final year of my master’s degree, I decided to focus my career in Switzerland.
I have 2 years of experience in recruitment within the Life Science area and really enjoy working in this international and intercultural environment! Here at Stamford we speak more than 20 languages!
Now as an Associate Recruitment Consultant I would like to specialize in business development areas within this fast-paced environment.
I am open-minded, enthusiastic and a great team player who really enjoys meeting new people and helping them achieve their next career step in the Swiss market.

In my free time I like to travel and spend good time with my friends and family such as to cook some typical French specialties.
My goal in recruitment is to create a win-win situation between the candidate’s expectations and client’s needs.
Please get in touch to know more about our company and future job opportunities we can offer you!

Jon Harris

Recruitment Consultant

Born and raised in the centre of England, I moved to Switzerland in 2014 after a short stop teaching in Germany as part of my University Degree.

I bring a Vendor Management background to Stamford, meaning I am used to working in a constantly changing and dynamic environment.
I enjoy talking to people and helping them solve their workforce problems, so the transition to Recruitment feels like a natural progression.

In my free time, I like to wind down by getting lost in the countryside near my home.
As Switzerland is central and very well connected, if I’m not visiting friends and family in other countries, they’re visiting me!
I love to watch any sports, especially boxing and football, and I support the mighty Tottenham Hotspur FC!

Matt Benzies

Recruitment Advisor

Born and raised in the South of England, I moved to Basel back in 2007. Before joining Stamford, I spent 3 years within the pharmaceutical industry gaining broad knowledge within the business. During my time there I completed rotations in various areas such as Export Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Patient Relations and HR Business Services.

As of August 2017 I’m working as a Recruitment Advisor for Stamford in the Life Sciences sector. I am excited to support candidates in finding their dream job. I hope to meet many new people and build strong relationships along the way! I’m passionate about talking to customers, dealing with their needs head on and giving them the best opportunities possible.

In my free time I enjoy both watching and playing football, meeting my friends, being active and experiencing new, exciting things.
I look forward to getting to know you!

Diana Soukmandjieva-Agovska

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I am originally from Bulgaria. I studied Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and started my career as an in-house HR Specialist & Generalist in a publishing house in Bulgaria. I joined Stamford in 2013 as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, specializing in medic and scientific recruitment in Clinical Development and Medical Affairs and supporting the Life Science Senior Recruitment Team.

In my free time I enjoy taking my two dogs for a walk, having long discussions with friends, visiting hot night clubs and dancing oriental dances.

Life Science (Romande)

Saad Bendadi

Business Manager

For the past 10 years I have partnered with healthcare & engineering organizations, at both international and local levels, in identifying, attracting and retaining top talents applying marketing disciplines. I have also coached managers in their talent development either within the company or outside of it.

My work to-date integrates these various disciplines and knowledge (science expertise, marketing, branding, recruitment, training and talent development). Prior to that I held various technical roles in the medtech field before finally turning to marketing. My combined education and experience give me the required insights to understand today’s talent marketplace and best support my business partners and associates.

I try to think like a ‘proton’, always positive and in motion to share ideas and solutions and offer new business perspectives. Positive minds. Positive vibes. Positive life.

I’m a French & Swiss citizen, I love to spend my spare time with my family, running and travelling around beautiful places in the world.

My favorite quote: It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.

Adrien Toffel

Recruitment Consultant

Born and raised in Geneva, I am a Swiss & world citizen deeply passionate about people. I have spent the last 8 years travelling around the globe both studying and working, from the UK to South Africa, the USA to Spain, but my heart belongs to the Swiss Alps.

Business educated with a MBA passed in New York City, I have 3 years experience within the recruitment sphere. I have started in recruitment within the IT & Financial sphere, Automotive industry & Logistics. I joined Stamford Group during the summer of 2016 to support the launch of our new office in the Geneva area, in particular within the life sciences & engineering sector.

Deeply passionate about sports and former rugby player, I also love travelling for attending the biggest World events such as the Football & Rugby World Cup, but also the Olympic Games and all sports in general. I would be glad to meet you and share all these passions around a coffee with you.

Mélika Ladhibi

Senior Sales Consultant

Hello, my name is Mélika. I was born and grew up in the French part of Switzerland in Wallis close to our beautiful mountains. When I was 16 years old, my parents sent me to Bern and afterwards to the US as an au pair. Thanks to that experience, I’m now fluent in German and English.

In 2006, I left Wallis to study economics in Lausanne where I got my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. To this day I have 11 years of experience in HR as a consultant and HR Manager. I’m happy to work for Stamford as a consultant specialized in business development.

In my free time, I love doing different kinds of sport (running, swimming, snowboarding) or spending time with my family and friends. Additionally, I love travelling and meeting new people.


Bernadette Gabathuler

Operations Manager

I am Swiss and grew up in our beautiful Alps. Following my studies (Hospitality & Tourism) and some years of work experience I took the chance to work in Miami Beach & New York City.

Returning to Switzerland, I started my career in Recruitment and joined the Stamford Group first as a Resourcer then Team lead. I joined Talentis Solutions AG in 2010. Having a passion for Project & Process Management I completed in parallel my further Education as “Organisator eidg. FA” (today called Unternehmensanalyst eidg. FA) with focus on Project Methodology & System Engineering.

Being highly service and solution oriented, spiced with an adherence to quality & process management I match well with Talentis's service offerings tailored around the clients needs, with strong focus on Project Management & PMO consulting.

A daily sport session and a glass of wine on weekends keeps me fit.

Anneleen Otte

Senior Business Consultant

I have an international background as before moving to Switzerland, I lived in Belgium, Malta and Italy.I am happy to bring my interpersonal skills and years of experience in sales, operations and management to my current role at Talentis Solutions.
At Talentis, I work as a Business Consultant specialised in Project Management and PMO consulting.
In my free time I love travelling, discovering new places, meeting new people from diverse backgrounds, and spending quality time with family and friends. I also like trying out new recipes from international cuisines.
I speak English, French, Dutch, some Italian and German.
I look forward to meeting you soon!

Agneta Braun

Business Consultant

I have an international background: I was born in Germany, am half South Korean and grew up in the United States before coming here 2005 to major in Biology at the University of Zurich.

As Business Consultant at Talentis my tasks mainly include talking to our clients about their project challenges and creating a tailored solution for them using our services in project consulting and if needed, using the skills and expertise from our sister company in specialist recruitment.

Understanding our client’s needs and supporting them in the implementation of their organization’s strategy and achieving business results is my passion. This is why I keep up to date, every day, with market developments, new innovations, regulations, and last but not least, our own consultant’s expertise from the projects they are involved in.

Besides all this, I read the WHO feeds and related articles from virology/epidemiology, keep up to date on personal development topics or new and clever business ideas of startups and like cooking/baking and Jassen (swiss card game).

You’ll either find me at various industry events or on client site. Let’s connect on LinkedIn!
I look forward to hearing from you.

Resource Team

Svetlana Meshkova

Talent Acquisition Specialist - Team Lead

My name is Svetlana and I’m originally from Bulgaria. As an open-minded and considerate person, I have always loved communicating with diverse people and making them feel at ease.
During my studies in Business Administration, I spent some time in the Netherlands and in the US. As a fresh Master graduate in Human Resources, I joined the team at Stamford Consultants in 2013 and I quickly got convinced that I had found “my field”.
What keeps me highly motivated every day at work is the great personal feeling after speaking with so many candidates, understanding their needs and finding the right opportunity for them at the right time.
In my spare time, I love heading to new destinations and meeting up with friends and family.

Hrisimira Kirova

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I studied public management at the University of Liege. Now I support the recruitment of IT professionals in two domains – .Net and Java. I enjoy communicating in English, German and French with different cultures every day. In my spare time I like long walks in nature and Latin dances.

Alina Tasheva

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I'm a graduate in European Studies, Social Media and Cultural Diplomacy. I am also a passionate movie lover, roller skater and a budding photographer.

I'm part of the Stamford team since the beginning of 2015 and am working in the Life science field. I'm always eager and curious to meet new people as I strongly believe that every new encounter broadens my horizons and enriches my perception of the surrounding world.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mariela Toshkina

Talent Acquisition Specialist

My name is Mariela and I come from Bulgaria. I am a graduate of the Sofia University's European Studies. During my studies I spent an Erasmus exchange semester in Germany in order to work on my German language skills. It was an incredible experience, which I will never forget.

I joined the Stamford Team in November 2015. What motivates me in my every day work is communicating with people, understanding what they want and helping them to take the right choice when it comes to their career development. It is all about the right people in the right place at the right time.

In my free time I practice Yoga, read books, meet friends and try to travel as much as possible.

Anna Mitreva

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Born and raised in Bulgaria, matured in South Korea and Belgium. After finishing my Bachelors in Korean Studies, I decided to broaden further my horizons with a Masters in Human Resource Management. As a start of my career, in September 2016 I had the privilege to start working with the Stamford Team and what I quickly learned here is that the right opportunity for you might be right around the corner. Dare to fight for it and we will never leave your side.

Outside of work, my free time is dedicated to my guitar, reading books, my friends and the open road.

Snezhina Popova

Talent Acquisition Specialist

My country of origin is Bulgaria, but I have spent nearly one third of my life living abroad. My last home was the colourful German capital, where I learned the true meaning of being “ein Berliner”.

I am a Political Science graduate from the Free University of Berlin, but my true passion lies within the field of recruitment. I truly enjoy assisting people with finding the right professional opportunity and as a part of the Stamford team I get to do that every day.

I spend my time outside of work discovering new things - books, movies, destinations, cuisines, points of view. I also take joy in long walks and talks with my friends.

Vyara Kavaldzhieva

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I am a European Studies graduate who found inspiration in Psychology and HR after an internship in Spain. Following my interests, I decided to do a Master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology, which also led me to Stamford. I’ve been a proud member of the team since October 2016. What motivates me most here is the chance to help people in achieving their career goals.

As a personality, I am a communicative person who enjoys long walks in the nature, quality food and music, and positive people. In my life, I always stick to one rule: Do what you love and success will follow.

Aleksandar Karamanov

Talent Acquisition Specialist

My name is Aleksandar and I was born in Bourgas – a beautiful coastal city in Bulgaria.

After writing my thesis on “selection and recruitment” for the conclusion of my Bachelor’s degree and finishing my Master's in “International Business” I was determined to finding a job as an International Recruiter. I’ve been a proud member of the Stamford team since October 2016.

What motivates me is the opportunity of communicating with a lot of different people coming from different parts of the world and being able to improve their lives by giving them the perfect job position.

In my free time I like to play basketball, ride a bike, go out with my friends and get involved in any kind of adrenaline/risk filled activities.

Valentin Novev

Talent Acquisition Specialist

My name is Valentin and I’m originally from Bulgaria.

My interests are in the fields of healthcare, management & marketing and sustainable development. I joined the Stamford Team in November 2016.

I enjoy traveling and communicating with people from different cultures, I speak French, English, Russian and a little bit Spanish. I’m keen on sports especially volleyball.

Iva Matanova

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I am excited to rejoin the Sofia team after my maternity leave. I am proud that I managed to graduate my Masters Degree in Human Resource Economics with HR Management specialization by the time I was a stay-at-home mother. Being back to work now, I am looking forward to an effective collaboration with the colleagues and a high level of performance.

Vladina Zlatkova

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I am a graduate Psychology student with a great interest in people. My desire to work in recruitment appeared many years ago when I was part of a small organization where my employer gave me the task to interview several candidates. What I mostly liked about this task was that I helped someone to find something new for a change. Several years have passed and this hasn’t changed. It is great to have the possibility to be involved in helping people change. Since recruitment requires working with people, I can say that my profession is my passion. It is always interesting to understand what drives people, what inspires them and what doesn’t.

I started my career as a sales agent in the first year of my studies. Then I moved to customer support where I learned how to satisfy the customers’ needs. I can say that the gathered experience combined with my university degree and my great interest in people help me a lot to successfully evaluate them.

Evgeni Bizhev

Talent Acquisition Specialist

My name is Evgeni and I come from Bulgaria. I am a recent graduate of Sofia University (MBA) and my Bachelor's studies were at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) with degrees in Business Administration (specialization in Management) and Political Science & International Relations. In my free time I like to ride the bike, go out with my friends and go watch some interesting movies.

I joined the Stamford Team in October 2017. My desire to work in recruitment appeared in 2016 when I started working in mystery shopping and I was responsible for recruiting evaluators for various projects all over the world and then keep track of the fieldwork development and the successful completion of the various projects. It is always interesting and enjoyable to communicate with people from different backgrounds, understanding their desires and helping them take the right choice when it comes to their career development. I find it very motivating finding the right person for the right position at the right time.

Back Office

Simone Wissle

HR Manager

I was born in France and still live there, and I am married with 2 boys , so I have quite a harem at home!

After my degree, 14 years ago in a small Swiss Semiconductor company I started as Assistant of the Management Team. A few months later the company was taken over by Motorola and the HR person left due to lack of English knowledge. This was the opportunity for me to jump into Human Resources! Of course I then went back to school to get certified in Human Resources and Swiss law.

Since December 2008, I am happy to be the HR Manager of Stamford Group, taking care of all our employees and contractors. I am an open minded person, proactive and flexible which enables me to make our employees happy. I am specialised in Swiss Human Resources, from general administration to permit, salary, social security, insurance etc…

My time off is filled up with my family, and friends. Good food, wine and holidays describe my hobbies the best. This is to be expected, I am French!

Mona Siedentopf

HR Operations Specialist

I was born and raised in Germany. I started out in the hospitality industry and graduated with a Bachelor in Commerce and a Diploma in International Hotel Management in Ireland. During my studies I had worked in Lausanne and China and decided to return to Switzerland when I had finished my studies. I had always been interested in HR and have joined the HR team of Stamford in December 2015.

When I am not working I enjoy running and having a pint with friends.

Chloe Mason

Administrative Assistant /HR

Born in Florida, I lived in the US until I was 5 when my mother upped and moved me and my sister to beautiful Switzerland. I have lived in Basel ever since with a brief 4 year stay in Brighton, UK where I studied psychology. Though I have lived in Switzerland most of my life, my American nature still flows strongly through my veins.

I started with Stamford in October, 2015, as a human resources assistant. I have learned many things in this position, but most of all that this role has taught me more about people than my degree in psychology ever did. Along with my colleagues in the HR team, I am here for all your admin related needs.

Though my ideal evening is spent with a glass of fine bourbon or gin and my favourite show on Netflix, I have a love for all things photography. When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me plunging down the Swiss mountains in winter, and swimming in our refreshing lakes and rivers in the summer, all with my camera in hand.

Matthew Moore

Technology Manager

I’m British-Italian by nationality, British by nature. I moved around a lot when I was younger and came to enjoy visiting new places, getting into new cultures, and (most importantly) trying new kinds of food.

After getting my degree I came to Switzerland to work as a recruiter for Stamford, based in Zürich. A couple of years later my passion for things electronic had cemented me firmly in the role of “IT guy” and it was then formalized, making me responsible for anything that runs on electricity, including this website and the coffee machines.

In my spare time I swim or snowboard (depending on season), go to the gym, and look for new restaurants to try in and around Zürich. The latter unfortunately heavily offsets the former.

Chanel Mülhaupt

Digital Marketing and Social Media

I was born and raised in Switzerland but I leave pieces of my heart in every place I travel. I'm fresh out of my Multimedia Production studies and happy to dive into the business world with a successful company like the Stamford Group. Stamford gives me the opportunity to be creative and learn new things about digital marketing and social media every day.

In my free time I enjoy doing everything media related such as movie production, graphic design and photography. What makes me happiest is travelling to vibrant cities, spending time with my friends, playing my guitar “June” and of course binge-watching my countless favorite TV shows on Netflix.

Michael Munt

Financial Accountant

My name is Michael (Mischa). I was born in Russia and grew up in Kazakhstan. When I was 8 years old my family migrated to Germany. Now I live in sunny Breisach (Germany), one of the biggest wine producing areas of Europa.

After successfully completing my studies in Economics, I was able to gain some experience in the finances of “Big Four” companies at the national and international level over the last few years. I am sure that I will continue to develop my knowledge at Stamford in my role as Financial Accountant.

In my free time I spend time with my son as often as possible. I also like to make short city trips which my wife and I often book spontaneously.

My motto is „Try not to be a successful, but rather a valuable person”.