Candidate Testimonial: Veronika Gulyas

Linux & Solaris System Administrator Veronika Gulyas talks about Cloud solutions, DevOps, automation and big data analysis, and how our team helped her get a challenging job in Zurich!


Veronika, you took on a new role a bit longer than a year now. How did the first year go? What was the biggest challenge you encountered at the beginning of your new role?

The first year passed quite quickly. The first weeks were challenging I guess, until I got used to arranging schedules, plans and tasks, so by the time going, it gets easier to prepare for the busier times. The biggest challenge in the beginning was to see through the whole environment, the communication matrix and to start working based on the diversity of the scope and the difference between each type of system from OS admin point of view. And of course, the first on-call or incident shift week can be scary – because your goal is to solve the problems as soon as possible – and the more you know about the background means the shortest resolution time you have.

Give us some insights into your industry: What’s new?

Cloud solutions are now widely used, system management and automation tools are still evolving. Jobs are slightly changing as I see it, and so do the requirements for them – companies look for candidates with wide knowledge, not limited to one field – mixing system administration, application/DB management and automation. Devops role is present at more and more IT departments.

In the last few decades, IT renewed itself multiple times. Some trends are visible even for those who are not working in this area – i.e. big data analysis – but I think we can expect big developments too which will change the sector quickly.

How do you think our consultants helped you with your placement and relocation?

Before I relocated in Zurich, I got an information package and had some skype sessions regarding the interview process, flat rental, work permit, health insurance and other important questions. I got an overview of prices, the life here and the work environment. Erlisa and Daniel supported me with all the process and they called straight after my last interview to tell me that I got the job. They could have waited until next Monday to tell me but they knew how important it is for applicants to know as soon as possible.

Once I moved to Zurich, Mona offered herself to come with me to the Kreisbüro, where she helped me register, get my work permit and she also gave me advice how to choose between health insurance companies and packages. Now I know how much time that saved me! Such a smooth beginning gave me a good foundation to settle down, and I felt motivated to start at the new workplace.