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Traditional Swiss advantages are opening up another business area with international appeal for ICT companies: Cloud Services. Particular Swiss values and general conditions such as legal and political stability, good data protection rules as well as excellent local security technologies are important in data hosting and SAAS/IAAS.

In Switzerland, the use of cloud services has become increasingly popular, particularly within the private sector. In 2012, SMEs accounted for two thirds of all investment into this sector. Use of cloud computing services is mainly driven by cost efficiency, scalability and agility considerations. SaaS currently dominates the market but IaaS is expected to play an important role over the next years. The public sector is more hesitant than the private sector for security and legal reasons, but the Swiss Government is working on a cloud computing and eGovernment strategy.

Stamford provides roles across  all levels of cloud services, from infrastructure to development, working with some of the biggest companies in Switzerland. As a result we are always looking for top quality professionals with cloud experience who are willing to get into the cutting edge of their sector.

If you are a highly skilled individual, looking to find a position in the most advanced and fast moving companies in Europe, get in touch with a member of our team or apply to one of our roles below.

Our Team

Daniel Shalom

Managing Consultant

Erlisa Lajqi

Associate Recruitment Consultant

Our  team have over 10 years of experience recruiting highly skilled cloud engineers for various sectors including banking, telecoms, and finance. Focused primarily on the Swiss and German markets, the Stamford Group is constantly looking for highly skilled specialists seeking great new opportunities to build their careers and skillsets.

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