Switzerland is home to some of the most advanced engineering disciplines in Europe, with the ETH Zurich is currently ranked fifth in the world for engineering in higher education. Alongside that we have seen prodigious growth in engineering jobs based here as more and more companies take advantage of the presence of highly skilled engineers.

Switzerland continues to push boundaries with the recent building of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest and deepest traffic tunnel, which generated hundreds of new jobs and highlighted the development of new construction methodologies and technology. Switzerland’s medical device sector is also flourishing, with industry leaders like Roche and Novartis showcasing the cutting edge of their sector.   With this kind of portfolio, Swiss engineering is more in demand worldwide than ever before.

Stamford provides roles across many disciplines, from medical devices to large scale construction to advanced electronics and mechanical systems, working with some of the biggest companies in Switzerland. As a result we are always looking for top quality engineers who are willing to get into the cutting edge of their sector.

If you are a highly skilled individual, looking to find a position in the most advanced and fast moving companies in Europe, get in touch with a member of our team or apply to one of our roles below. For more information about engineering in Switzerland take a look at the short video below.

Our Team

Bjorn Milz

Director IT & Engineering

Robin Stütz

Recruitment Consultant

Alejandro Chausse

Recruitment Consultant

Our  team have over 10 years of experience recruiting highly skilled engineers for various sectors including life science, telecoms, construction and manufacturing. Focused primarily on the Swiss and German markets, the Stamford Group is constantly looking for highly skilled specialists seeking great new opportunities to build their careers and skillsets.

Engineering Jobs