Stamford at the Women's Run

We did it!

We ran the Women’s Run in Basel on Sunday, 7th May 2017 with the goal to collect and donate money to the Cancer League Basel to support cancer research. Thanks to many generous donations we reached a total amount of: CHF 4’000! We are extremely proud and happy to have collected so much money for this cause. The donations will support research for breast cancer and childhood cancer. We would like to sincerely thank all the donors for their contributions which will make a difference and make our participation in the Women’s Run live up to our motto “Stammies for Change”.

Below you can find some pictures of the run and the list of the people who made this all happen.

Thank You to All the Donors!

Timi Akinkuade
Myriam Brans-Chenevier
Marco Casucci
Karen Cheng
Ostap Cherkashin
Michael Cline
David Colligan
Mark Cortese
Mark Dowsett
Arthur Dumba
Andrew Erickson
Peter Fuchs
Bernadette Gabathuler
Beat Gerber
Nicole Grünenfelder
Hans-Ruedy & Bernadette Grünenfelder
Celine Guex
Richard Herden
Sabrina Hüntemann
Austin Igwilo

Rita & Andy Imhof
Mariola Jarmolowicz
Gareth Johnston
Jenny Johnston
Pierre Kastner
Andre Kazemian
Erlisa Lajqi
Ermelinda Lajqi
Fjolla Lajqi
Laureta Lajqi
Calum MacPhail
Chloe Mason
Joel Migliazza
Björn Milz
Chanel Mülhaupt
Helen Nägeli
Bollbach Patrick
Asja Perdita Praetor
Evelyn Roca Urbano
Harry & Christine Rohrbach

Rolli Rohrbach
Das Coiffeur Team mit Denise Schaub
Irene & Roland Schmidt
Natasha Serafim
Daniel Shalom
Javad Shamsollahi
Demba Sidibe
Mona Siedentopf
Ad Sobowale
Simon Souster
Giorgio & Ursula Sylvia
Peter Taylor
Bert Thomson
Danny Thüring
Philippe Tschopp & Francesca Lianza
D.J. Visser
Jay Webster
Florence Wespiser
Christian Ziegler