Get to Know Us: Mark Dowsett

“Attitude is (almost) everything”

Director of Sales Excellence and mountain sport lover Mark Dowsett gives us the key to effectively developing and coaching a successful team and how the recruitment industry has evolved over the past 20 years.

Mark Dowsett, Director of Sales Excellence

So Mark, can you tell us what your role is at Stamford?

My focus is on developing people – individual and team performance training and coaching. Previously I was Sales Manager for the Zurich IT/Finance team and a Banking/IT Recruiter before that.

How do you develop new starters and teams? Can you share any learning, development or coaching tips?

In terms of developing people, I have learned that constant feedback is essential. If people understand where they are and where they’re going, then giving them incremental structured feedback on how they can improve their skills will get them there. We try to learn from high performance sporting environments, where skills improvement is part of daily life for everyone (even Roger Federer has a Coach!). In this context, feedback is about finding ‘the extra 1%’ to help all of us be more successful.

Attitude is (almost) everything! If someone is sufficiently motivated to be successful, work hard and always be learning, my responsibility is to help them develop the abilities required to help them achieve their goals.

Someone with such experience under their belt must have seen changes in recruitment. How has the industry evolved over the past 20 years?

I always say how much I appreciate the fact that 20 years ago, before LinkedIn, our networks were based on people we actually knew and people they knew, because we had no other way to connect to people. I’m grateful for the fact that today, even though everyone’s information is accessible, true relationships in our business – at least in this market – are still dependent on who you know and who they know! The saying “treat everyone today the way you hope they will treat you tomorrow” is a applicable to recruitment. The world is small!

Mark Dowsett is the Director of Sales Excellence at Stamford Consultants and he’s regularly based in the Zurich office. He holds a BA (Hons) in German Studies from the University of Warwick and he’s ACC Integral Coach qualified. His fields of expertise are training, IT recruiting and investment banking. Contact Mark at any time at: or via social networks.