Get to know us: Nicole Grünenfelder

“Always stay humble and don’t take anything for granted”.

With over 17 years of experience in the recruitment industry Nicole Grünenfelder tells us what she was looking for in a job when she joined Stamford, and what skills helped her get the position in our Basel office.

You kicked off your career in the recruitment industry in 2001. How did you start working at Stamford?

I remember I was looking for a part time job (50 %) at the time, a position that would allow me to bring my dog to work, a very important job perk for me even now! Shortly after Jenny and Debbie founded Stamford, they needed a person who could do some admin work. Having multitasking skills really helped my application – I had a wide range of skills to offer but I guess a little bit of everything helped the most in the beginning.

So three young girls in a little one room apartment; Jenny was in charge of Sales for IT clients, Debbie would manage Life Science and I would look after the entire back office. Years flew by and we experienced business challenges but “hey hey!”, today we have a very hardworking team who also knows how to have fun!

What is the most challenging moment you have experienced at Stamford?

If I think back to our company structure, the systems we had in place when we started… Transforming a small company into a industry leader has taken some time and effort. That’s challenging. Take into account new technologies, heavy economy recessions and the fact that Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries worldwide. We have made mistakes and learned from them – they made us stronger, more diverse. Recruitment has evolved quickly, and so have we. My personal takeaway of our journey so far is to always stay humble and not take anything for granted.

Why do you like your  job?

I still to this day love to help people. It’s a joy to deliver a service to our contractors & employees. I feel that they depend on us and that sense of responsibility drives us to help them with not only their professional career but with personal matters too. I’m still in contact with many of our former contractors after all these years! They still remember when we helped them find a job and how that impacted their lives. It’s a very rewarding industry to work in. I love my job, the team around me and the company’s values which have endured over all these years.

Nicole is Stamford’s Director of Operations and she’s based in Basel. Feel free to say hi and get in contact with her at: