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We hope you enjoy our first publication of the Swiss Leadership Inner Circle!

We are passionate about helping our customers find future leaders for their  businesses to grow sustainably! The aim of The Swiss Leadership Inner Circle publication is  to open a dialogue with professionals  like yourself about the subject of leadership.  In this edition, we  interviewed three local leaders and focused on the following topics:  First we discuss with Mr. Peter Cronin, the general subject of developing strong leaders and whose role within an organization is it to make this a priority. Second, James Harper, was happy to share his tips on  how to  be successful as a leader in today’s globalized virtual teams. Third, Marcel Nussbaum with over 25 years of managing teams during times of organisational change.

I would personally like to thank our contributors for taking the time to share their experiences and thoughts!  Please email me with your comments, let’s start a dialogue… and don’t forget to subscribe for the next issue here.

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Building High Performance Teams

Peter Cronin, experienced leader and mentor,  digs into the difficulties around leading and building true high performing teams and provides insight into some of the problems leaders are facing today, both in their teams, but also in their organisations.

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Leading During Times of Organisational Change

Marcel Nussbaum focuses on leading in times of great change and what leaders need to do in order to survive. He also covers some of the pitfalls leaders may fall into if they are not careful.

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Leading Virtual and Cross-Border Teams

James Harper talks about his experiences leading virtual teams and details some of the things he has learned and has yet to learn about being a leader in an increasingly globalised business world.

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