Contract Recruitment

Working As a Contractor

A contractor is defined as someone who works for somebody that is not the contractor’s own employer for a fixed period of time under a fixed contract. Normally someone who is working in a contracting position is paid by the hours or days worked. On the other hand, there some fixed priced contracts that are tied to completing a project.

Clients make use of contractors for different reasons. By employing contractors, businesses can enhance the skills of the permanent workforce as contractors are able to bring in the skills that are lacked by permanent employees.  Additionally, via employing contractors instead of permanent employees,  businesses enjoy the flexibility of having someone employed only during the duration of the contract without long term engagements.

Advantages of Contracting

The financial compensation for contractors is more attractive, providing more money per hours worked compared to working as a permanent employee.

Contracting enables more flexibility as contractors are not committed to long term arrangements. If you are employed as a contractor, you have the possibility to be more selective about the projects and companies you work for.

Thanks to working as a contractor, you have the chance to build an impressive CV. While moving from contract to contract, you will diversify your skillset and collect valuable and versatile work experience.

Who Is It Designed for?

Understanding the difference between contract work and an permanent employment will help you make the right decisions concerning your career choices. Taking into account people’s different likes, attitudes and skills, there are some points to consider when choosing the preferred working relationship. In general, there are some personality traits that make your life as a contractor easier:

  • Open personality who is able to adapt to different cultures and changing conditions quickly when moving from contract to contract.
  • Ability to find new contracts when contracts are coming to an end, negotiate terms and manage finances.
  • Ability to market your expertise, build good reputation and keep your skills up-to-date.
  • Ability to build rapport quickly and build harmonious working relationships.
  • Ability to recognize possibilities for extra work engagements or new projects.
  • Ability to recognize possibilities for extra work engagements or new projects.

Why Contracting in Switzerland with Us?

As our employment agency is registered with Swiss authorities as a labor leasing company, we take care of all contracting formalities and legalities for companies and contractors.

We make sure that our services benefit both our clients by ensuring local compliance and our contractors by maximising their earnings via offering legally compliant solutions. Besides ensuring legal compliance, here at The Stamford Group, we strive to provide all the support someone who prefers contracting over permanent employment might need.  We help contractors to obtain a work permit, arrange Health Insurance coverage and provide information and advice about relocating to Switzerland.

Our recruitment consultants are specialists in their individual areas of technology and functions; thus, they provide tailored solutions for both their clients and candidates. Their target is to be the recognized recruitment expert within the specific market they recruit for.