Managed HR Services

We have a vast experience in human resource administration for local and international organisations which makes us the perfect partner for your outsourced Payroll and HR Administration. Whether your employees are Swiss or coming from an other country we can quickly and easily take your problems in hand.  15 years in the business make us experts in the field of HR services, able to cater to a wide variety of needs and circumstances.

Why Should You Outsource Your HR Services?

Internal HR services are rarely the part of any company’s core competencies. On the other hand, the efforts of the HR Department are crucial for employee well-being.  Issues with internal HR processes such as payrolling, hiring, firing and following the various tax laws might lead to major employee dissatisfaction.

By outsourcing your HR services to us, you can focus on your core business while we make sure your employees are satisfied with the services you provide to them.

Why Should You Outsource Your HR Services to the Stamford Group?

  • We provide flexible solutions and ongoing support
  • Our HR administrative processes are transparent
  • Thanks to our experience with operative HR tasks, we developed efficient HR services delivered on a timely manner
  • Your employees can count on a precise salary administration
  • You can focus on your core competencies and growing your business

Outsourced Salary Administration

By outsourcing your salary administration and payrolling to us you can make sure that your employees are served with precise and timely administered salaries.

The Stamford Group offers a choice of 3 salary administration services.

We focus on freeing up the bandwidth of your organization by allowing you to concentrate on your core business capabilities not ancillary activities

  • If you are starting up a new company we will help you set up all necessary insurance.
  • Capture and maintenance of all master data and personnel change related data
  • Payrolling incl. social deductions, tax at source, statistics and pay slips
  • Creation of all relevant general statistical reports and HR data analysis
  • Direct mailing of pay slips, salary certificates and bank transfer data files
  • Data export and interfaces (Accounting systems and time entry systems etc.)
  • Human resource administration from A (AHV) to Z (Zeugnis)

Our experienced consultants will help you with a process analysis and will assist you in optimising this by choosing the right elements and providing a bespoke solution that is aligned with your business, i.e. you outsource labour intensive processes:

  • Salary administration from A – Z
  • Salary statements for staff and executives
  • Analysis and statistics
  • HR data administration
  • Communication with federal institutions and insurance companies
  • Staff augmentation and talent management support
  • Implementation of expense allowance regulations

If you don’t want a complete software solution for your payroll and you perhaps just want to outsource parts of your payroll administration, WebLohn offers you significant advantages:

  • Through a secure web client you have access to your solution – anywhere – anytime
  • Backups, updates, configuration and support are handled by Talentis
  • Monthly charges are transparent and budget friendly
  • The web client is easy to use and intuitive, needs very little training
  • Talentis’ service offering is clearly defined and agreed in an SLA

Trust us to do things efficiently, correctly and fairly

  • Single point of contact
  • Fifteen years of Swiss HR expertise
  • Swisstec certified payrolling system
  • Customised right fit solutions
  • All contractors properly insured
  • Flexible and uncomplicated invoicing solutions
  • Compliant with all employment law such as GAV regulation (CBA agreement)
  • Expertly manage all financial and legal payroll administration in line with Swiss law
  • Expertise in handling cross-border employees

HR Advisory Legal & Compliance Services

Although Switzerland has flexible employment laws compared to many countries, its regulations can be confusing for many companies and contractors.

We educate and support both our companies and contractors about all aspects of working correctly in Switzerland. We  have a vast experience in human resource administration for local and international employees. Our international network and our experienced team will support and assist you in complex and sensitive matters, such as

  • the free movement of persons within the EU
  • taxation (local and international)
  • insurance and social security
  • work permits
  • relocation