Project Solutions

What We Do

Our sister company,  Talentis Solutions solves  project challenges by supplying  clients with  top-tier project management expertise. The hybrid solution of Talentis delivers results at competitive pricing models. The team of Talentis consists of specialists who are able to add strong value while consulting clients in all business sectors.  The  project management consultants of Talentis solutions are present throughout the whole life cycle of  clients’ projects.

Talentis recognizes that  clients  have clear project objectives to achieve and are looking for a partner who works alongside their  internal team. Moreover, clients need a partner who works to solve their complex business challenges and adds immediate value.  Therefore, Talentis  offers advisory and implementation expertise whilst respecting  the internal processes and methodologies of its clients. The  project management experts of Talentis Solutions  ensure  that the  projects of the clients’ are delivered successfully no matter what the complexity. The  outcome based solutions of Talentis Solutions  offer clients  a full PMO team or specific expertise for their  projects. Today more than ever companies need to deliver under ever increasing budget restraints.

Advantages of Working with Us

Talentis solutions is focused purely on Project Management Functionality engagements in the Swiss market. This provides Talentis Solutions with in-depth knowledge of sectors and the people they work with.

The engagement and delivery framework of Talentis Solutions is designed to complement and enhance, rather than dictate the clients’ internal Project Management methodologies and processes.

As Talentis Solutions is part of The Stamford Group, they are able to draw on the resources of their sister company Stamford Consultants, a specialist recruitment company in the IT, Finance and Life Science sectors, should clients require additional capacity at short notice.

The outcome-based solutions of Talentis Solutions ensure they meet project needs of every client, whilst their business model enables them to achieve these results at competitive costs. 

Who Do We Work with?

Talentis Solutions employs certified consultants. Clients  trust the comprehensive certification process that ensures that  TalPro pool of handpicked project management experts have the experience, proven track record and commitment to hit the ground running on clients’ projects.

In order to ensure that Talentis Solutions  only works  with the best consultants on the market, the Talentis Quality Charter  was developed which is in-line with the Talentis Quality Statements. The consultants of Talentis Solutions  have one thing in common: they all adhere to the principles of the Talentis Quality Charter, ensuring transparency, integrity and professionalism in all aspects of their work.

Why Should You Work With Us as a Consultant?

We are always interested in hearing from talented people. The ideal TalPro consultant is someone who understands how to jump straight into a project and start to add real value. You are the right consultant for us if

  • You love the challenge of bringing together your years of experience and skills and know how to not only implement but to advise.

  • You enjoy taking responsibility for achieving objectives and building excellent stakeholder relationships.

  • You thrive in environments where you can make a real difference.